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It wasn’t that long ago that I yearned to be considered an author. Until I realized, the only thing stopping me was… me. I was the one. All it took was one word at a time. So once upon a word’s night dreary, I happenstance into a weary dream. It nagged at the underbelly of my conscience mind. Nag, Nag, Nagging at the corners of my brain. Those corners are difficult to reach, but in time I cleaned them out, one at a time.

Here you will find posts on book updates, life, as well as writing, since it is also a part of my life. Who knew?

You did, I’m sure.

This is the secret, yet available for everyone to see, website of the author S.M. McCoy. And like all super secret public diaries, feel free to write in the margins(comments), or agree to disagree with the inner cogs of my thoughts. After all, you’re all a part of my imagination anyways, right Fred?

Feel free to look around; this is the work in progress home base of operations for writerly goodness. Interested in being a beta reader? Click the Contact page and let me know to add your email to my beta reader list for being one of the first readers to review these novels.


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Night fairy tale - bright moon reflected in water

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